Event ID 103 CGP Downstream

Auf manchen TS Servern wird das Eventlog mit der Event ID 103 zugespammt.

Lösung:Edit the httpd.conf file from the C:\Program Files\Citrix\XTE\conf\ folder using WordPad.
Add the following lines to the file: 1.Log Level
loglevel emerg

Following is an excerpt of the file after adding the required content:
#CGP Listen Port
Listen 2598
1.Log Level
loglevel emerg
Save and close the file.
Restart the XTE service for the change to take effect.
Note: Restarting the server overwrites the file and the changes are lost.
Change file attribute properties to Read- only.
Restart the computer.
Note that the changes are saved. All the services are started.

Sorry für englisch :) War einfacher zu kopieren.

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